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Nov. 19, 2014
Spalling Repairs & Roof Replacement Completed!
Mahalo Nui Loa to all those that participated in making this project a success!
November 19, 2014
November 19, 2014
November 19,
Showing new copper parapet cap, gutters and roof
From August 4, 2014 to November 18, 2014 Waiola church underwent a major project to repair concrete spalling and to replace the ceder shingle roof. Below are photos taken during this renovation project.
Spalling occurs when moisture enters small concrete cracks and causes the iron rebar in the concrete to rust. As it rusts it expands and further cracks the concrete. In the example below, located above a church window, the spalling eventually broke a chunk of concrete off of the structure.
In some areas there are cracks all the way through from outside to inside the church, likely a source of some of the water leaks.
Repairs are accomplished by chipping or cutting out the cracked sections of concrete and removing the rust from the iron rebar. The rebar then has a coating applied to it to prevent or minimize future rust and the removed concrete replaced. Hairline cracks are repaired by injecting an epoxy sealer.
August 4, 2014 Update: Spalling repairs have started!

Repaired area in circled above

Roof Replacement, started October 6, 2014
Old shingles coming off 

Short video of roof replacement, Oct. 6, 2014

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