Waiola Church
            The First Christian Church on Maui
       Founded 1823

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Ola Nā Iwi is a place-based curriculum resource packet that provides K-12 teachers with both primary and secondary sources—texts, images, videos, links and more—centered on the royal, and other, burials at the Waineʻe Cemetery of Waiola Church in Lāhainā, Maui. These materials can be used to create place-based lesson plans that address current Hawai‘i Department of Education Content and Performance Standards.
These curriculum packets seek to highlight Native voice by accessing both Hawaiian and English language resources, textual and oral, of the nineteenth, twentieth, and twenty-first centuries. A genealogy of voice links current-day practices with past understandings.

The office at Waiola Church has a library of books and journals covering Hawaiian history.
These are available to view in our office, but not removed. A catalog is available for download.


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